Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Been a while since i've blogged, i have 2 draft posts that have been sitting for i don't know how long. It's not i don't want to blog but i just don't know what to post? well here's me making excuses again but i'm doing great now and i just cut my hair short. I've been wanting to cut my hair short an finally it happens yesterday, i was so nervous but ready at the same time. My hair used to be below my chest and i cut it till my collar bone. My head felt so much lighter immediately after my hairdresser finished cutting my hair lol, bye bye headache.

Recently i started to dance again, and i'm glad i did it. It's tiring but fun, i got to meet new friends and my old friends too. Still kinda sad that i couldn't attend college this year but i hope next year i can. Well i guess that's it for this post, let's talk again in my next post hopefully i won't forget and come again next year with this kind of post saying "oh been while guys, sorry i forgot that i said i want to blog again" lol. Thanks for you who read this, i appreciate it i know this post is so boring but for anyone who read this post till the end, u da best. See you again in my next post, hopefully.

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