Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Been a while since i've blogged, i have 2 draft posts that have been sitting for i don't know how long. It's not i don't want to blog but i just don't know what to post? well here's me making excuses again but i'm doing great now and i just cut my hair short. I've been wanting to cut my hair short an finally it happens yesterday, i was so nervous but ready at the same time. My hair used to be below my chest and i cut it till my collar bone. My head felt so much lighter immediately after my hairdresser finished cutting my hair lol, bye bye headache.

Recently i started to dance again, and i'm glad i did it. It's tiring but fun, i got to meet new friends and my old friends too. Still kinda sad that i couldn't attend college this year but i hope next year i can. Well i guess that's it for this post, let's talk again in my next post hopefully i won't forget and come again next year with this kind of post saying "oh been while guys, sorry i forgot that i said i want to blog again" lol. Thanks for you who read this, i appreciate it i know this post is so boring but for anyone who read this post till the end, u da best. See you again in my next post, hopefully.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


It's been almost a year since the last time i blogged. There's no reason behind it, just nothing to post. Well its already been almost 2 months since high school ends. I actually miss school so much, not the studying though. I miss the ambience of my classroom, how it's a bit loud and quiet in some days. I miss my classmates seriously, it just feels a bit empty after school is done. I miss how we used to talk about nonsense stuffs and laughing at jokes. I miss school seriously. I miss meeting my boyfriend everyday lol and meeting my best friends everyday too. I wish i can go back to those days. All i can do now is cherish those moments and place it in an important place deep in my brain and heart.
i'll miss it so so much, now i'm feeling so blue remembering it.