Sunday, June 19, 2016

school is over

Hello all! it's mellisa,
It's been a long time since i post here and yesterday i just got my grades report, i'm happy and sad at the same time. Happy because my grades are good even though its a bit lower than the previous and that school is finally over yayyy i can wake up late hehe but i'm sad because i'm gonna be a senior (12th grade) and that means high school is gonna be over :(, i just don't want to part with my classmate :( and my bestfriends :( i've grown closer to them and like for the first time i'm brave enough to open up. I'm actually not a person who can share their problem and stories, i used to keep it to myself but it's different now. 
You know when people said you need to cherish your high school memories because it will be one of your most beautiful time? i kinda agree. In 10th grade, yeah it's fun but it's just okay. I personally think that my junior year is currently the best for me. So much things happened hahaha and my love experience also starts here lmao. I won't say much but a lot of heart fluttering moments are made haha well also those moments where i cried my eyes off. I love my high school days, i don't want it to end :(.

So holiday, i have set a few goals hahaha one of them is to get into a perfect splits (mid and the other). Also i hope to continue learning basic korean hahahaha i know right?!?!? okay. Honestly i don't know what to write anymore. Since i have space here just wanna share something, it's been days (almost week) since the last time i talk to him, i honestly feel sad and want to talk to him but it's always me who start the conversation. I just want him to text me first tho :( if he did i will be so so so so happy. I'll try to endure it and wait for him to text me first and if i can't hold it anymore i'll just do it first lol i'm desperate. Anyway thanks for reading this shit blabber bye bye 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bye 2015

Hello guys, i wanna say happy new year to all of you!. I hope 2016 will be a good year where it's full with positive things. Don't have much new year wish or resolutions but i do have some. My new year wish are for me and my family to be happy and healthy, my father's business to run smoothly, fit body pls and GOOD GRADES PLS. For resolutions, i want to work out every week, no more procrastinating pls, stop being a lazy ass, be a little bit more lady like hahaha what. Well that's all because i don't know anymore.

I'm gonna share some pictures and random shit that happened to me in 2015 :)

Took this shot when i was shooting my drama project at my friend's house. Her cats omg, so many and like one of her cats jumped beside me ㅠㅠ i was so shocked and i jumped too lmao but this kittens are so so cute.


The moon was so beautiful so i wanted to take pictures but since i don't have a good lens it ended up looking so shitty :) then i just took this and it actually looked good so yeah i'm proud.


Was walking with my friend and i thought the sky looked beautiful so yeah here it is :).


Yes, i edited the pink to be more vibrant :) it's so beautiful <3 

To be honest i rarely touch my camera again ㅠㅠ the reason i took this pictures was because my drama project required me to shoot with my camera so i became more active with my camera hahaha. My drama lol, i'm the one who edited it because for some reasons the files cannot be copied to my friend's laptop so i have to suffer to edit the video and it was so hard because i've never edited a video and i cringed a lot lmao i'm crying at my acting hahahahaha so bad :')

I want to say thank you for everyone who reads my boring blog, i mean my English is not good so :/ i hope i can improve. I will try to update this blog but when i'm not here i'm probably busy with instagram and twitter (my fangirl twitter hahahahaha pls don't ask). I have a new blog tho! it's for my school project but if you want to see it just click here, there's only one post hahahhaa and it's boring.

Once again happy new year and thank you for reading! i really appreciate it :)))) 
see you on my next post!