Monday, March 2, 2015


Hello people!
The last time i updated my blog was august 2014 and now it's already 2015. I recently turned 16 and i didn't even celebrate my birthday like i used to do a few years back. A lot of things changed but i don't really think about it. High school is definitely harder than junior high but i like it (no).

Today, i will write about green tea & honey mask! i love this mask very much because it helps my acne (a lil bit hahaha) and it makes my face so smooth :') also it's very easy to make it because you only need 2 ingredients which is green tea and honey(duh).

Ingredients :

1. 1 tablespoon of honey (organic is better i guess)

2. your green tea bag :3

How to do it :

1. Cut your green tea bag and pour it into the honey

2. Mix it all together until it become a sticky paste like that. It's very very sticky and messy so you might need a tissue.

3. Put it on your face and wait for about 15-20 minutes. after that rinse your face with warm water and use your toner and moisturiser after that. i usually like to rub the mask first before i rinse it with water, it exfoliate my skin nicely :D.

That's all hahahaha i will be back with more blogpost maybe about my drawings because i draw a lot or maybe about me talking about anime or kpop ( did i told you about how am i into kpop now? i think it's karma bc i used to talk shit about it hhahaha but it's okay tho) i'm active on tumblr now so check my tumblr now! just kidding, you can check it anytime but i hope you like this post and thank you so much! 
Bye bye 

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