Wednesday, August 13, 2014


hi friends!
The last time i post was 3 months ago, i seriously don't know what to post since i rarely take pictures with my camera. I have tons of pictures i haven't edited yet also i have a lot of picture i want to post here but my wifi sucks :(. Now i'm in high school i think i'm gonna be busy, i mean school end at 4 pm like wtf :"( also i have my english tuition ugh. well, lately i've been focusing on my school, ya kno' my math and science UN score sucks lol i mean i nearly failed hahahaha i told my mom about it and she just laugh about it bc she already got used to it haha cool story.

I'm now in the Free! fandom yoooooo, my fav characters are haruka and nagisa :3 honestly i like them all hahaha, you guys should watch it !!

picture source :

I finished reading sailoor moon manga on my phone recently and i literally finished it in just one day lol, i read the manga because i started watching sailoor moon crystall and honestly that anime is sooo cute ( i mean the art style ) can't wait for the next episode to air <3.

I also watched another anime ( sorry not sorry ) it's Tamako Market and seriously i love it. The opening and ending music is amazing! it's completed btw and only 12 episodes.

So that's all guys, i have so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 many homeworks i need to do that hahaha bye

Friday, May 30, 2014

Jakarta piccies

hello readers !
this is my photos when i went to jakarta on january !
sorry that i postponed this post hahaha but i'm trying to be active again :)

I really miss jakarta !! miss my cousins and also miss the big gramedia hahahaa. I went to gramedia in emporium mall i think :/ but i swear i went crazy there with my sisters hahaha espesially on the comics and stationery sections, i'm like *o* OMFG LOOK AT THESE BABIES, MOM MOM MOM ASDFGHJKL. Lol but in the end i didn't buy the sakura koi waterbrush thingy and boy, I FREAKING REGRET IT T_T, ughhh why didn't i but it !! i even dreamed that we went back to jakarta just to buy that hahaha.



Went shopping to manggadua and found this store that sells cute and vintage decor. The store also sell kids clothes 

The hand bouquet from my cousin wedding. Major love the origami birds, FYI she made this bouquet with her friends i think and they made it from pencils and origami birds <3. I actually wanted the pink one but my damn cousin snatch it from me -_-

 Hot milo, bubblegum slurpee and pepero <3 all from 7-eleven. I absolutely love 7- eleven but there's no 7 - eleven at my city -_-

Fake flowers on this cute store that i don't know the name :) 

 twelve cupcakes <3 i only tasted the coffee and red velvet while i wanted the chocolate D: 

that's all guys <3 finally ! i finished editing this post and if you want to know im using vsco cam to edit all of the pictures and also i use my iPhone 5.
Gonna edit the other posts ! see ya in my next post :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

short updateee

hi guys !
it's been a long time since the last time i blogged....
now that my exam is done that means i'm done with school too hahaha ( not really.... )
in 14 june i will got my exam score ugh.. i hope my math score is good :").

I have like 3 post on my drafts :") ugh i need to post that ASAP :"). I'm so lazy omg i always procrastinate everything :").

recently bought drawing tablet and it's amazing ! but i need more practice bc hard lol

ya well bye hahaha 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello everyone !
sorry, i delayed this post because laziness :(( in this new year i will try to not be a lazy ass person. i will not talk a lot in this post bc meh i just don't feel like it. But don't worry in the next post it will be like normal haha.

1.On my way

2. The beach behind the cottage i stayed

3. The weather is pretty chilly that time 

4. Pagoda at Tondano i think :/ sorry..

5. Lovely flowers

6. Taken by moi sister

7. Taken while we're stuck on the traffic lol 

happy new year everyone oh and also merry christmas :)
i will talk to you in my next post