Friday, December 6, 2013


hi !
it's been a long time since the last day i posted right ?
sorry ! i was busy with school and i went to manado to attend my cousin wedding
and also i moved into a new house so yeah lol
i will make a post about my trip to manado :)
i will post it after my final exam hahaha finals -_-
wish me luck tho lol

i don't know what to write anymore haha but i watched frozen by disney and it was freaking amazing omfg i lovveeeee it so so much !! i love all the songs and it become my favorite movie omg i recommend it ! go watch it ! enough with frozen lol let's get into my picts !!

my 2nd time to eat macarons !! the first time i ate macarons was horrible it tasted too sweet and i honestly didn't really like macarons but its too pretty hahaha my favorite flavour are chocolate and pistachio 

trying to be tumblrish here hehe 
kay, bye hahaha i'll be back tho