Saturday, August 3, 2013


hello !
it's now august :)
excited and lazy at the same time lolol
and before it i'm gonna say sorry because i delayed this post like dfbawhfffqwf  sorry :(
being a 9 grader is sooo hard :( so many homeworks, tasks, tests im going crazyyyyyy and i have tuition and bimbel at school ARGGH :(

so this post contains all the things i bought when its july.

the giordano shorts is soo pricey but :/

like omg they're having a new collection and they have a lot of cool crop tops and tshirts girrafes, wolfs and cats asdfghjkl all in galaxy pattern hahaha

this bracelet i bought from colorbox

this 2 bracelets from stroberi hahaha yea i know 

also from stroberi

das all bby