Thursday, July 4, 2013

hi july..

hi guys ! 
it's now july and since i have nothing to post i'm going  to show pictures that i took last month and no the pictures is not the pictures i have posted ! :D 

11 more days before school a.k.a hell ( oops ) jrfnhcfrfnnfcasfsrvfef im gonna be a #freshmen or 9th grader not very excited  -_-

#1 tried this cute snack and turns out it is too sweet :/ i can't eat more than 3 pieces, my throath don't like this

#2. Tea for breakfast <3 lol 

#3 baking cakes with mom ( #masterchef  huehehehehe ) :) 

#4 no, i don't know why there's a lot of bubbles 

( instagram / iphone )

#5 chocolate cupcakes with no frosting but sugar ( hashtag the new cupcake trend jk )

#6 the new menu at haagen dazs sooooo yummeh but too sweet since inside the ice cream is chocolate but when you eat the ice cream with the brownie its perfection <3.

the app i use for editing ( iphone/ ipod ) is vsco cam, the old and the new version but i haven't bought the filters from new vsco.

that's all guys !!
gonna do more of this post every end of the month :)
bye bye !! :))))))


  1. funny! my classmate brought that caramel corn to class today, it's a bit too sweet for me as well.
    cute blog!

    1. thank you so much ci for visiting my blog :D
      and yeah that caramel corn is too sweet but i want to try the other flavours :)

  2. it has been looonnggg time since I eat this snack!
    will go and buy several pouch for this holiday :p

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  3. waaah these looks yummy!

  4. nice post <33


  5. Ohmygosh, so indulging!