Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the future of us

hi ppl !!!
gonna do book review today ! :)
bought this book at books & beyond the price is quite cheap it's 108.000 rupiah and i loooove the book so much finished it just 2 days i think :/ i usually read fast but since this book is in english i'm a bit slower than i usually read lol. but this book is not heavy to read ( if you're like me, not really good at english ). you know, i read the fault in our stars for like a month omg and i'm not impressed with the story, yaa i know everybody love it so much well i love it but i don't really understand the ending part :/ haha but still i cried when gus died :" okay enough with wordy shiz.

they have diffrent covers :/ i think 3 designs you can just google it :)

synopsis : ^ on my 2nd pict
review : its about josh and emma they're childhood friend ( neighbour ) 
emma just received a new computer and josh give her america online cd-rom and they discovered facebook which is not yet discovered on 1996. it's 15 years forward from 1996 they found their fb profile and they keep looking on it everyday. 

i won't tell you guys more because it will be spoiler D: 
the story it's good !!!!
love it D: 
hahaha but i don't know if you guys will like it or not.
i will rate this book 9 out of 10 :) 

okay that's all 
i'm sorry if this post is super messy :( 
my english is not that great and im still learning 
so if you want to correct me then do it but please don't be rude :( 
thanks :)


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