Friday, April 12, 2013

another snack post

hello !!
i hope you guys will not be bored with this post :L because i have 2 snack post :L sorry
well i've been busy with school because only 2 months left and i'll be 9th grader :(
but the good thing is my score is higher than  before :D.

okay ! i bought all the snacks from my friend ( @sweetlicious_IND ) this time i bought pocky almond crush & rilakkuma pocky kinda thing :L

super cute packaging !!!! love it omg

the back of it >////<

inside i literally screamed when i opened it lolololol supah cute and it taste amazing too :)

this is freaking delicious omg omg omg you will not regret buying this :"D

inside :)

that's all :)
i have 3 post coming up !!! woot or maybe 4 D: 
i'm doing the april photo a day :) i'll post the pict at the end of the month :)
k bye


  1. lovely post! :D
    always love the almond one <3
    anyway check out my latest post and feel free to join my giveaway :)

  2. those looks so yummy! and very cute packaging! xx

  3. cute rilakkuma stick <3

  4. ugh, those look yummy!