Tuesday, April 30, 2013

more snacks lololol.....

back with the last snack post i believe ( no money )
bought all of this from her
i bought the famous tokyo banana  taste sooo good cmjfvnvnhfcqfbfg

kracie poppin cookin !

the sushi kit 
fruity flavours 
and the donut one taste like donut 
hate the texture 
but the chocolate cream is deliciouss

tokyo banana leopard !!!!
god it taste sho good asdfgjkl

this is how it looks
quite pricey >_> but it was worth it !
it's so soft, sweet, yummy
it have sweet smell
delicious chocolate cream 

that's all

Monday, April 22, 2013

more snack...

i'm back with new snack post ( sorreh ;( )
i got a haircut yesterdayy ! :D not really important but i just want you guys to know haha

i bought this 2 green tea kitkat but I HATE IT ( my opinion guys)
i know such a waste of money but i'm curious of the taste and i actually about to buy just 1 greentea kitkat ( the one in the bag ) but all sold so she told me that this is ready and blablabla.

but it's not that bad :/ just my taste buds rejecting them lol
the box is super cute i didn't throw it lololol too cute >.<

that's all 

Friday, April 12, 2013

another snack post

hello !!
i hope you guys will not be bored with this post :L because i have 2 snack post :L sorry
well i've been busy with school because only 2 months left and i'll be 9th grader :(
but the good thing is my score is higher than  before :D.

okay ! i bought all the snacks from my friend ( @sweetlicious_IND ) this time i bought pocky almond crush & rilakkuma pocky kinda thing :L

super cute packaging !!!! love it omg

the back of it >////<

inside i literally screamed when i opened it lolololol supah cute and it taste amazing too :)

this is freaking delicious omg omg omg you will not regret buying this :"D

inside :)

that's all :)
i have 3 post coming up !!! woot or maybe 4 D: 
i'm doing the april photo a day :) i'll post the pict at the end of the month :)
k bye