Thursday, March 14, 2013


hello !
no school until monday so tuesday is already school day -_- but i miss school, seriously mel ? i mean not the waking up and studying but meeting and chatting with friends ya' kno ? lol okay enough with this chit chat session and let's get into the picture :)

so i bought wreck this journal on january i think and it came febuary i got it from here in case you guys want it :) and lucky me they have discount on some books and this too so yes ! and first they ordered it from their office in america than send it to me. even tough it takes a long time to arrive but it was worth it guys :"D i always want this book since early 2012 omg and now i have it :') 

what is the meaning of "write your name illegibly" ? 

and bought this not so long ago, bought it from books & beyond at mall. seriously i have saw this at bali but i didn't buy it lol but this time i decide to just buy and try reading. still half way to finish this haha

that's all i can post hehe bye


  1. nice blog !

  2. i saw that 'wreck this journal' book just now on times bookstore at medan, i am interested to buy it but don't have enough money haha