Saturday, February 23, 2013


hello !
wanted to share pictures i have edited :)
-_- haha

bought this at books & beyond early jan i think but i haven't finished reading it -_- 
and sorry te book is super dirty D:

drawing tools ! :) faber castell watercolor colored pencils, faber castell eraser, snowman spidol ( cheapo ), sharpie fine tips ( bought when i was at bali and i ran out of the ink D: ), pentel mechanic pencil, faber castell pencil ( 2B and HB ), and cheapo sketch book -_-

fav novel bahahaha -_- i love it <3 

i whip my hair back and forth 

made this colors testing page on my new binder ! super love the colors !!!!


fave color from my new colored pencils !!! omg minty green color ( well the name is jade -_- lol ) but i love the other colors too ! 

the colored pencils by maped and too bad the fluoro yellow didn't pop and it just looks poopy yellow -_- 

that's all -_- 
homework is killing me -_-


  1. All he colors look awesome, and jade happen to be one of my favorite color :)

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  2. I love being creative through painting, though I have not painted in a while...nice blog:)
    Townhouse Palette

  3. lovely pictures, and edited well ❤