Saturday, February 23, 2013


hello !
wanted to share pictures i have edited :)
-_- haha

bought this at books & beyond early jan i think but i haven't finished reading it -_- 
and sorry te book is super dirty D:

drawing tools ! :) faber castell watercolor colored pencils, faber castell eraser, snowman spidol ( cheapo ), sharpie fine tips ( bought when i was at bali and i ran out of the ink D: ), pentel mechanic pencil, faber castell pencil ( 2B and HB ), and cheapo sketch book -_-

fav novel bahahaha -_- i love it <3 

i whip my hair back and forth 

made this colors testing page on my new binder ! super love the colors !!!!


fave color from my new colored pencils !!! omg minty green color ( well the name is jade -_- lol ) but i love the other colors too ! 

the colored pencils by maped and too bad the fluoro yellow didn't pop and it just looks poopy yellow -_- 

that's all -_- 
homework is killing me -_-

Friday, February 15, 2013

happy valentine !!

happy valentine's day !!!
even if you're single like meh :) it's okay !! and i don't have valentine -_- wtf idc and this post is the picture post from my last post ! i finally have time to edit the pictures and post it today ! :D

the hotel lobby, the lighting was so yellow :/ 

view from my room i guess i can't really remember 

airplane ! can we pretend that airplane in the night sky is like shooting star

the swimming pool here is super awesome ! i regret i didn't bring my swimsuit :"( and im sick bleh -_- let me tell you this weird side of me, if there's like holiday i'm always or usually sick -_- wtf right !?. 
the last day im staying there my sister and cousins swim and me ? relaxing B-) the sun was super warm ( not hot -_- ) but i forgot to take my camera WTF !? fml so i sat under the umbrella chair thingy and suddenly my sis tell me there's a HUGE BEE WTF !? -_-

me ! so pretty ugly -_-

jacuzzi woot ! fml i didn't bring my swimsuit -_-

me ! new hoodie ( bought it because im feeling so sick + cold :"(  )
my thigh looks skinny :") 

bokehlicious ;P 

the curve im using really makes the sky color pop + super good for any dark bokeh ( and flash photography ) 

okay that's all -_- the rest is just my selfie :p 
thanks for visiting !! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

happy chinese new year !!

happy chinese new year people !!!
wish you guys have a long life, amazing health and etc idek all the chinese words forgive me D:

i didn't visit anyone lol :p my mom is not in the mood >_> and i stayed in a hotel next to a MALL ya hear MALL, aw yiss ! it's grand jatra hotel zomg love the hotel dbdasufbasdfgbqsjfvb but im sick bleh -__ - and my cousin also stayed at the same hotel and our room is really close !! yaaaaay

i didn't visit my relatives houses because they're in diffrent city :/ and i supposed to go to jakarta but meh -_- my father said just stay here because the flood there is scary :/ so yeah :".

the breakfast in the hotel is super delicious omg omg !!!!!! they have many foods dfwdvfqwefbhq i eat rice, potato wedges, sausage, some chicken, danish, omelet, some no taste bread T_T forgot to put jam, and i aso drinked watermelon juice so yummeh omg but the potato wedges is not to salty for me so i put more salt :9 i actually want the dimsum but i completly forgot about it huwaaa -_- i want the food there -_-

okay that's all ! :/ gonna edit the pict of this post nao -_-
just moved it from my cam -_-
so sorry its only plain meh text -_-
i honestly didn't like reading plain text post -_-
okay bye

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


hello !
so many post are coming !!! :3 okay i have been obsessed with bracelets i just don't know lol i used to hate wearing bracelets or any accssories lol i know don't judge me haha. i even hate watch omg i only wear it when i travel or exam. and i have collected some bracelets for CNY lol i will not getting a fancy dress because didn't plan to visit anybody tho so i only bought normal clothes.

got this 2 from colorbox 

got this from bedugul, bali 

that's all lol bye

Saturday, February 2, 2013


hello !!!
it's february now, that's mean we gonna celebrate CNY and valentineeeee <3 but seriously tho i don't have boyfriend lol gonna buy chocolate and eat them lolol forever alone united.

oh yeah btw photograph i take a few weeks ago :) :

taken with my 50 mm lens :) 
k,  bye