Wednesday, January 9, 2013

bali ( 1 )

hello !
i am 14 yo now lol forget it
so for new year holiday me and my family went to bali for a week !! and it is my first time to visit bali.

i stayed at my cousin house and i must say... her house is uhmazing !!! super cool zomg

pictures i took from her house :D 
the last one is her pool, cool right oh and sorry for the clothes peeping lolz

and the first day i went to bali safari and i took so mucho picto so i only choose da best :) since i took almost all pict of the animals is from the bus. 

also went to a restaurant named "dekade" to get brunch and i'm feeling sick that time 
and i just think it's creative to use those car number thingy ( idk what it is called ) 

piranha... i... guess.... :/

right tiger : ouhh someone is taking a pict of us let me be those hipster tumblr girl *sticks out tounge*
left tiger : uhh bby shadap, u need to be like moi, elegant like a rich madame 

2 lazy tiger lol

funny ? no? okay -_-

nvgjafhgafgfj my favorite animals djhsdbedfbd i forgot what it is but it's tapir in indonesian language 

that's all lol actually no but i'm lazy and i haven't edited the others so yeah bye


  1. Lovely post and I like your blog happy to found it ...maybe we can follow each other from GFC and Bloglovin? :D