Saturday, January 26, 2013

bali (2)

hello !
last post for my bali trip last year :) enjoy !!

went to discovery mall :)

cold stone ice cream chocolate flavour plus almond for the toppings ( meh taste )

bedugul <3 

went to seminyak square ( i guess :/ ) and ate delicious pizza here !! super duper delicious <3 the pizza is so thin omg miss it already ToT

tadaah that's all :) bye

Saturday, January 19, 2013


hello... reading some shoujo manga nao hahaha.... forget it
i'm busy with school stuffs nao
and let's just hope that the flood in jakarta will gone sooooooon !! it just sad :(

i'm feeling artsy yesterday so i draw and scanned it into my laptop and colored it using sai, it was super crazy tiring ._. finished it at night oh ! and yesterday was raining really hard >_> storm and blackout happend when i was sleeping ._. so not cool right ? that's why i skipped school today hahahaha yeay ( actually not yeay -_- )

that's my drawing ! do you like it ? that's my best colored one :) 
okay bye 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

bali ( 1 )

hello !
i am 14 yo now lol forget it
so for new year holiday me and my family went to bali for a week !! and it is my first time to visit bali.

i stayed at my cousin house and i must say... her house is uhmazing !!! super cool zomg

pictures i took from her house :D 
the last one is her pool, cool right oh and sorry for the clothes peeping lolz

and the first day i went to bali safari and i took so mucho picto so i only choose da best :) since i took almost all pict of the animals is from the bus. 

also went to a restaurant named "dekade" to get brunch and i'm feeling sick that time 
and i just think it's creative to use those car number thingy ( idk what it is called ) 

piranha... i... guess.... :/

right tiger : ouhh someone is taking a pict of us let me be those hipster tumblr girl *sticks out tounge*
left tiger : uhh bby shadap, u need to be like moi, elegant like a rich madame 

2 lazy tiger lol

funny ? no? okay -_-

nvgjafhgafgfj my favorite animals djhsdbedfbd i forgot what it is but it's tapir in indonesian language 

that's all lol actually no but i'm lazy and i haven't edited the others so yeah bye