Friday, December 6, 2013


hi !
it's been a long time since the last day i posted right ?
sorry ! i was busy with school and i went to manado to attend my cousin wedding
and also i moved into a new house so yeah lol
i will make a post about my trip to manado :)
i will post it after my final exam hahaha finals -_-
wish me luck tho lol

i don't know what to write anymore haha but i watched frozen by disney and it was freaking amazing omfg i lovveeeee it so so much !! i love all the songs and it become my favorite movie omg i recommend it ! go watch it ! enough with frozen lol let's get into my picts !!

my 2nd time to eat macarons !! the first time i ate macarons was horrible it tasted too sweet and i honestly didn't really like macarons but its too pretty hahaha my favorite flavour are chocolate and pistachio 

trying to be tumblrish here hehe 
kay, bye hahaha i'll be back tho 

Saturday, September 28, 2013


hey !!
it's been a long time since the last time i blogged :)
well, i have reasons for that :
- school -_-
- i'm a 9th grader now i need to focus
- tuitions

lol but i have 2 posts coming up :) and this pictures i took a few months ago haha and it's my little sister and she's soo girly haha also sorry if some pict looks different from the others because i kinda forget what curves i used lol.

that's all bye bye :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

lonely lullaby

hello ! this is a small update post 
i've been very busy lately 
so many tests, homeworks, group assingments, tuitions i'm going crazy omg 
i failed on my math test T_T 
i really need holiday soon like ASAP
and i also have been debating about study tour :/ 

photos i've taken :)
the funny story behind all this pictures is i just woke up from sleep and i went out from my room to take a pee and the lightning was awesome and i saw the shadow of the windows. i rushed to take my camera and took some pict lol.

by the way if you're searching for sad song go for this  its very very sad omg 
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Saturday, August 3, 2013


hello !
it's now august :)
excited and lazy at the same time lolol
and before it i'm gonna say sorry because i delayed this post like dfbawhfffqwf  sorry :(
being a 9 grader is sooo hard :( so many homeworks, tasks, tests im going crazyyyyyy and i have tuition and bimbel at school ARGGH :(

so this post contains all the things i bought when its july.

the giordano shorts is soo pricey but :/

like omg they're having a new collection and they have a lot of cool crop tops and tshirts girrafes, wolfs and cats asdfghjkl all in galaxy pattern hahaha

this bracelet i bought from colorbox

this 2 bracelets from stroberi hahaha yea i know 

also from stroberi

das all bby

Monday, July 29, 2013


1. Last beverage: water
2. Last phone call: mom
3. Last text message: my friend alice
4. Last song you listened to: paramore - im still into you i guess :/
5. Last time you cried: just a minute ago lolol
6. Dated someone: nopee
7. Been cheated on: haha no
8. Kissed someone and regretted it: nooo
9. Lost someone special: no
10. Been depressed: noo
11. Been drunk and threw up: no nononononono
12: pink ( baby pink, pink, hot pink etc)
13: mint
14: light blue
15. Made a new friend: yes !! and i'm proud :D
16. Fallen out of love: yes maybe :/
17. Laughed until you cried: no haha
18. Met someone who changed you: not yet
19. Found out who your true friends were: yeah :)
20. Found out someone was talking about you: hahahahahah yes
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: no
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: half of it :/
23. How many kids do you want: 1 or 2
24. Do you have any pets: i used to
25. Do you want to change your name: YES
26. What did you do for your last birthday: forgot it already
27. What time did you wake up today: 5.40 ?
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping coz tomorrow is school
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: my trip to manado this november, trip to jakarta next year !!!
30. Last time you saw your Mother: 1 hour ago ?
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: humm.....
32. What are you listening to right now: nothing lol
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope
34. Who's getting on your nerves right now:  her
35. Most visited webpage: google, youtube, blogger, 9gag, mangafox :)
36. Whats your real name: Mellisa Cynthia T.
37. Nicknames: mellisa, mel, memel, melci
38. Relationship Status: single
39. Zodiac sign: capricorn
40. Male or female: Female
41. Primary School: starsia
42. Secondary School: Tomik
43. High school/college: no idea
44. Hair color: dark dark black
45. Long or short: long
46. Height: 158 cm :( i want to be 165 cm !!!
47. Do you have a crush on someone: im not so sure
48. What do you like about yourself: im funny that's it
49. Piercings: 1 on each ear lol
50. Tattoos: none and never i'm scared la
51. Righty or lefty: right handed
52. First surgery:none
53. First piercing: when i was a baby
54. First best friend: devina
55. First sport you joined : basketball
56. First vacation: jakarta i think
58. First pair of trainers: forgot
59. Eating: apple and pear
60. Drinking: none
61. I'm about to: continue to read the manga
62. Listening to: my sisters talking -_-
63. What time is it : 20:21
64. Want kids: I don't know
65. Get married: of course
66. Career:I don't know
67. Lips or eyes: eyes!
68. Hugs or kisses: Hugs
69. Shorter or taller: taller
70. Older or Younger: Older (:
71. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: nice stomach
73. Sensitive or loud: loud
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
76. Kissed a stranger: noooooo
77. Drank hard liquor: noooo
78. Lost glasses/contacts: no i don't use glasses or contacts
79. Sex on first date: wtf no
80. Broken someone's heart: no ?
82. Been arrested: nah
83. Turned someone down: no hahahaha
84. Cried when someone died: yes
85. Fallen for a friend: yes
86. Yourself: no
87. Miracles: yes
88. Love at first sight: yesss
89. Heaven: yes
90. Santa Claus: heh
91. Kiss on the first date: no hahaha
92. Angels: yup
94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: no
95. Did you sing today: yes
96. Ever cheated on somebody: nope
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go: idk :(
98. The moment you would choose to relive: my 8th grade moments gosh
99. Are you afraid of falling in love: no
100. Are you afraid of posting this as 100 truths: nope

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


hello !!
school starts yesterday :( im a 9th grader now.
this pictures i took from my holiday and i stayed at grand jatra hotel. only one day anyway, bc we got the worst room like MEEEEEHHHHH my dad is angry lol but i'm happy cuz we shopped that day :D ( will make a haul post ) soo this is all the picts

while we're waiting the room, my sisters played there and i took pictures lol 

sorry this pict is not focused bleh but the dilmah tea is sooo good <3 

have been using my 50 mm f/ 1.8 lens like crazy 
i think this pict is very tumblrish lol !1!!!1

actually it was very cloudy and its raining but the filter made it looks like its not

ending with my self 


Thursday, July 4, 2013

hi july..

hi guys ! 
it's now july and since i have nothing to post i'm going  to show pictures that i took last month and no the pictures is not the pictures i have posted ! :D 

11 more days before school a.k.a hell ( oops ) jrfnhcfrfnnfcasfsrvfef im gonna be a #freshmen or 9th grader not very excited  -_-

#1 tried this cute snack and turns out it is too sweet :/ i can't eat more than 3 pieces, my throath don't like this

#2. Tea for breakfast <3 lol 

#3 baking cakes with mom ( #masterchef  huehehehehe ) :) 

#4 no, i don't know why there's a lot of bubbles 

( instagram / iphone )

#5 chocolate cupcakes with no frosting but sugar ( hashtag the new cupcake trend jk )

#6 the new menu at haagen dazs sooooo yummeh but too sweet since inside the ice cream is chocolate but when you eat the ice cream with the brownie its perfection <3.

the app i use for editing ( iphone/ ipod ) is vsco cam, the old and the new version but i haven't bought the filters from new vsco.

that's all guys !!
gonna do more of this post every end of the month :)
bye bye !! :))))))

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the future of us

hi ppl !!!
gonna do book review today ! :)
bought this book at books & beyond the price is quite cheap it's 108.000 rupiah and i loooove the book so much finished it just 2 days i think :/ i usually read fast but since this book is in english i'm a bit slower than i usually read lol. but this book is not heavy to read ( if you're like me, not really good at english ). you know, i read the fault in our stars for like a month omg and i'm not impressed with the story, yaa i know everybody love it so much well i love it but i don't really understand the ending part :/ haha but still i cried when gus died :" okay enough with wordy shiz.

they have diffrent covers :/ i think 3 designs you can just google it :)

synopsis : ^ on my 2nd pict
review : its about josh and emma they're childhood friend ( neighbour ) 
emma just received a new computer and josh give her america online cd-rom and they discovered facebook which is not yet discovered on 1996. it's 15 years forward from 1996 they found their fb profile and they keep looking on it everyday. 

i won't tell you guys more because it will be spoiler D: 
the story it's good !!!!
love it D: 
hahaha but i don't know if you guys will like it or not.
i will rate this book 9 out of 10 :) 

okay that's all 
i'm sorry if this post is super messy :( 
my english is not that great and im still learning 
so if you want to correct me then do it but please don't be rude :( 
thanks :)

Monday, June 10, 2013


hi !!!
just finished my exam :")
done with it, SO FREAKING DONE WITH IT...
math,,,, i will not miss you lullzzzz.

i just bought new case for my ipod ( please, i've tried holding the feeling to shop but this one is urgent haha ) i broke my case but it's not very very broken but still.... haha.
so i bought my case online through instagram haha, it's a papercase ya kno' you use a clear case and put the paper in it. so here's it

i rate this 7.5 out of 10 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


hey !
exam on monday T_T time pass so fast !!!!! it feels like i just started my 8th grade life yesterday :/
*sigh* i'm so lazy to start reading and studying -_- okay, then let's get into the blogpost lulz

took this pictures yesterday and last week hum hum humm.....

- last week -

the moon was sooo beautiful :0 so i decide to take a pict of it hahaha 

- yesterday -

bought this market o brownie :)
the packaging is super cute :3
i don't think you guys will like it :/
but i like it hahaha 

bye '_'