Wednesday, December 26, 2012

new lens

hello !
3 more days and i'll be at bali yeeeeee !
oh just like the title i got a new lens weee, i think the lens price is not expensive compared to other lens i think 0.0 and i got 50mm lens :) here's da lens :

pictah taken with da new lens :

i know i know my lens is supah dirty and i have cleaned it nao

my lil sis palying uno 

okay that's all haha bye

Monday, December 24, 2012


hello !
holiday is now officially start :) and im going to BALI ! woho first time going there well........ i still have my trauma or fear to travel :( because of my past travel moment :( :( :(
took some piccies while visiting my cousin house

half tanned legs are so not cool 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


hey !
i might change my blog into photography blog !! butttttt.... im not so sure about it and i haven't post in ages ! lol yay to my lazyness and other stuffs ! :D actualy i want to make a haul post but.. i didn't have time to take a pict of my new clothes so meh to me :).

i'm now addicted to pottermore hehe !!!! so fun woo, im in hufflepuff suprise surprise i should be in gryffindor though hahahahhahahahahah but hufflepuff have the most points hehe feel so proud ( ? ).

well im going to edit this blog so my blog is now currently on construction so bye

Thursday, December 6, 2012

sunday funday

hello !
another photography post hehe ! :)
i haven't blog for a while :/ meh, im lazy and lazy haha
exam is sooooo near omg omg omg omg dying !!!!!!
i'm scared i will failed at math asdfghjkl !!!
cannot touch laptop for a week :"""""(. i freaking hate exam bleh :"__(

okay, so last sunday i went to my aunt hotel to had breakfast :9 ( actually brunch haha ) brought my camera hehe take tons of selfies ;) it's a girl thing lol but take another pict also la ! the weather is so perfect ! it makes me wanna swim but...... my swimsuit is ripped into a hole lol.
i didn't take any pict of the food because im hungryyy and i just take the dimsum and eat, eat, eat lol i didn't even touch the camera haha. i ate sushi and it was soooooooo good zomg i want it !!

so here's the pict that i take and i edited them with 2 diffrent filter ( curve and action on photoshop )

breads and cakes corner ! christmas decorates <3 

bokeh version of the breads and cakes corner 

cuteeee <3 

sushi artwork ! wanted to take the udon and sake one but meh

the swimming pool ! so refreshing <3 aahhh swimming