Saturday, September 29, 2012

best day !!

today is a best day omg omg !!!
i don't know how to tell you guys !!
okay so today my school make an event there's alot crazy fun contest
i join recycle contest with my friends , my cousin and his friend, so fun !!!
when we are consentrate with the clothes i heard the students were shouting like crazy and then my friend told me that 4 8th grade boys dance and shuffle at the school court omg the girls are shouting like crazy !! ( well me too haha !) so there's a new students that join the dance perform too and he... omg making a love sign with his hand and then all girls are shouting again like mad ! that was amazing ! haha i was shouting too and my one of my friend ( boy ) hit my shoulder and he said "don't stand here" i was like duh,, and then i leave -_-

After that i started to make the clothes again i finally decide to sew the tie lolololol if you see how i sew it you must laugh because its so messy hahahaha i can't sew ! i'm a bad women >_> lol. after all the fight finally we have to dress the model ._. me and my model ( my friend lol ) were rushing to the toilet and after that rushing back to the room after that i started to fish tail braids her hair i was like "shoot i need to hurry but i'm hungry and tired but.. aaah ! start braiding her hair mel !" lololol and the final we need to line up NEXT to the stage omg i was so nervous becox another contestant have amazing clothes ! >_< the models start to walk. my teacher as the judge said that my group creation was good aaaa !!!!!

After the recycle event next is...... OPPA GANGNAM STYLE FLASHMOB !!! freakin' fun gosh !!!! we started dancing gangnam style lulz i didn't join the large group bcox im tired -_- lulz but still.. today is extremely fun !!!!! woho !! #cumadiTOMIK ada flashmob gangnam style ( ga juga sih -__ - )

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