Friday, June 15, 2012


hey guys !!
i wil talking about photography here !! :)
so.. i really really like photography ! :) while i have no photography skills :(
that makes me upset.. :( and i dont have SLR or DSLR camera :' because the price is so expensive.

I only use my dad's camera lol because he's rarely touch the camera so i snatch that baby :P.
my dad's camera is samsung ES70 in silver or white idk, here's the picture

well the camera is quite good, sometimes i love the photo sometimes not haha.
its hard to adjust the focus :( 
so i dont  know what to say anymore so here's some of my photography picture !

so enough for this post ! :)
thank you for visiting sorry for any typos !


  1. wow, those are really good pictures for not having a DSLR camera! good job! Love it :)