Saturday, June 9, 2012

freedom !

omg omg yes !!
finally exam is over yippie !! woohoooo feels like a tons of rock are now gone from my brain *phew*
but.... i scored really bad in *ahem* MATH  well.. im not surprise -_- but still im shock
:( i study really hard for math ! i even woke up in freakin' 5 a.m ! and then all i score freakin' bad !?
man.. but the good thing is... i can re-do my math exam huurraaaayyyy !! with other ppl too haha
and i scored good in indonesian language :D yaay yaay yaay !!

But i feel happy when exam lols it because of.... lol i will not tell you guys haha
i sat in front of my bestie lol i can talk with her during the exam hihihi
and from the 3rd day of exam we always laugh when break lol.
the 4th day i even laugh more harder then 3rd day omg ! i laugh hard during the exam.. that's bad
really really bad omg if i remember that moment i will laugh again...
im sad exam is over i can't laugh like that again :( but its okay :D

lol next monday i will re do my math exam wish me luck !!!!!!!!
and in tuesday i will watch movie with all 7th grade nigglets in my school !!
yaaay and then go hang out with my friend wohoo !!
gonna ice skating with them !! :)

so.. that's all i want to tell you guys thank your for reading this post
sorry for any typos !! have a good day !

ps : my english is sucks and im still learning so understand it please ! thank you ;)

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