Wednesday, December 26, 2012

new lens

hello !
3 more days and i'll be at bali yeeeeee !
oh just like the title i got a new lens weee, i think the lens price is not expensive compared to other lens i think 0.0 and i got 50mm lens :) here's da lens :

pictah taken with da new lens :

i know i know my lens is supah dirty and i have cleaned it nao

my lil sis palying uno 

okay that's all haha bye

Monday, December 24, 2012


hello !
holiday is now officially start :) and im going to BALI ! woho first time going there well........ i still have my trauma or fear to travel :( because of my past travel moment :( :( :(
took some piccies while visiting my cousin house

half tanned legs are so not cool 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


hey !
i might change my blog into photography blog !! butttttt.... im not so sure about it and i haven't post in ages ! lol yay to my lazyness and other stuffs ! :D actualy i want to make a haul post but.. i didn't have time to take a pict of my new clothes so meh to me :).

i'm now addicted to pottermore hehe !!!! so fun woo, im in hufflepuff suprise surprise i should be in gryffindor though hahahahhahahahahah but hufflepuff have the most points hehe feel so proud ( ? ).

well im going to edit this blog so my blog is now currently on construction so bye

Thursday, December 6, 2012

sunday funday

hello !
another photography post hehe ! :)
i haven't blog for a while :/ meh, im lazy and lazy haha
exam is sooooo near omg omg omg omg dying !!!!!!
i'm scared i will failed at math asdfghjkl !!!
cannot touch laptop for a week :"""""(. i freaking hate exam bleh :"__(

okay, so last sunday i went to my aunt hotel to had breakfast :9 ( actually brunch haha ) brought my camera hehe take tons of selfies ;) it's a girl thing lol but take another pict also la ! the weather is so perfect ! it makes me wanna swim but...... my swimsuit is ripped into a hole lol.
i didn't take any pict of the food because im hungryyy and i just take the dimsum and eat, eat, eat lol i didn't even touch the camera haha. i ate sushi and it was soooooooo good zomg i want it !!

so here's the pict that i take and i edited them with 2 diffrent filter ( curve and action on photoshop )

breads and cakes corner ! christmas decorates <3 

bokeh version of the breads and cakes corner 

cuteeee <3 

sushi artwork ! wanted to take the udon and sake one but meh

the swimming pool ! so refreshing <3 aahhh swimming

Thursday, November 15, 2012

new camera woot woot

haiiii !!
i bought a new cameraaaaa yaaay !! i'm not going to brag or anything im just super duper mega happy !!
well...... i bought a canon slr its canon eos 60D im so so happy ! i have take tons of pict !! here it is

Saturday, September 29, 2012

best day !!

today is a best day omg omg !!!
i don't know how to tell you guys !!
okay so today my school make an event there's alot crazy fun contest
i join recycle contest with my friends , my cousin and his friend, so fun !!!
when we are consentrate with the clothes i heard the students were shouting like crazy and then my friend told me that 4 8th grade boys dance and shuffle at the school court omg the girls are shouting like crazy !! ( well me too haha !) so there's a new students that join the dance perform too and he... omg making a love sign with his hand and then all girls are shouting again like mad ! that was amazing ! haha i was shouting too and my one of my friend ( boy ) hit my shoulder and he said "don't stand here" i was like duh,, and then i leave -_-

After that i started to make the clothes again i finally decide to sew the tie lolololol if you see how i sew it you must laugh because its so messy hahahaha i can't sew ! i'm a bad women >_> lol. after all the fight finally we have to dress the model ._. me and my model ( my friend lol ) were rushing to the toilet and after that rushing back to the room after that i started to fish tail braids her hair i was like "shoot i need to hurry but i'm hungry and tired but.. aaah ! start braiding her hair mel !" lololol and the final we need to line up NEXT to the stage omg i was so nervous becox another contestant have amazing clothes ! >_< the models start to walk. my teacher as the judge said that my group creation was good aaaa !!!!!

After the recycle event next is...... OPPA GANGNAM STYLE FLASHMOB !!! freakin' fun gosh !!!! we started dancing gangnam style lulz i didn't join the large group bcox im tired -_- lulz but still.. today is extremely fun !!!!! woho !! #cumadiTOMIK ada flashmob gangnam style ( ga juga sih -__ - )

Thursday, August 16, 2012

indonesia independence day !!!!

Happy Independence Day Indonesia !!!
67th years ! love you indonesia !!!! 
not the best country but the best home for me !!!
1945 - 2012 ! 
sorry for not taking any picture ! 
i was at school for  the flag ceremony ! ;) 
it was so hot -_- but the good thing is.... 
 a tall boy standing beside me lol i mean taller than me hahaha 
thank you kak ! ;p lololololol sorry ;D 

byebye! :D 


Friday, June 15, 2012


hey guys !!
i wil talking about photography here !! :)
so.. i really really like photography ! :) while i have no photography skills :(
that makes me upset.. :( and i dont have SLR or DSLR camera :' because the price is so expensive.

I only use my dad's camera lol because he's rarely touch the camera so i snatch that baby :P.
my dad's camera is samsung ES70 in silver or white idk, here's the picture

well the camera is quite good, sometimes i love the photo sometimes not haha.
its hard to adjust the focus :( 
so i dont  know what to say anymore so here's some of my photography picture !

so enough for this post ! :)
thank you for visiting sorry for any typos !

Saturday, June 9, 2012

freedom !

omg omg yes !!
finally exam is over yippie !! woohoooo feels like a tons of rock are now gone from my brain *phew*
but.... i scored really bad in *ahem* MATH  well.. im not surprise -_- but still im shock
:( i study really hard for math ! i even woke up in freakin' 5 a.m ! and then all i score freakin' bad !?
man.. but the good thing is... i can re-do my math exam huurraaaayyyy !! with other ppl too haha
and i scored good in indonesian language :D yaay yaay yaay !!

But i feel happy when exam lols it because of.... lol i will not tell you guys haha
i sat in front of my bestie lol i can talk with her during the exam hihihi
and from the 3rd day of exam we always laugh when break lol.
the 4th day i even laugh more harder then 3rd day omg ! i laugh hard during the exam.. that's bad
really really bad omg if i remember that moment i will laugh again...
im sad exam is over i can't laugh like that again :( but its okay :D

lol next monday i will re do my math exam wish me luck !!!!!!!!
and in tuesday i will watch movie with all 7th grade nigglets in my school !!
yaaay and then go hang out with my friend wohoo !!
gonna ice skating with them !! :)

so.. that's all i want to tell you guys thank your for reading this post
sorry for any typos !! have a good day !

ps : my english is sucks and im still learning so understand it please ! thank you ;)

Saturday, May 5, 2012


you guys must know polyvore well if you dont know just click this :)
i really lovee polyvore !! i always online there but for me its hard to make a set ._. i spent 1 or 2 hours to make a set because im not really good at that :( but i still love polyvore ! :D

here's a link to my polyvore
make sure you follow me ( if you want :) )
a few photos of  my set

casual style

rocking the girly thing

well that's some of my set ! ;) i know its bad but i work really hard to make them !

thank you for visiting my blog
sorry for the typos ! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


hey guys,
yesterday i downloaded SAI for the first time
if you guys don't know what is SAI just google "paint tool SAI".

I've been interested in doodle
so im trying to doodle in sai yesterday
but its harddd -,- because im only using my mouse (and im a beginner)
people usualy use graphic tablet (idk if its wrong lulz)

here's my doodles im sorry if your eyes hurt when you see it
for the font im using "lemon can fly" and my bad handwritting or mouse writing lulz
epic fail domo -,-

that's all my doodles lol thank you for visiting
sorry for the typos :]

Monday, April 16, 2012

1st post

this is my first post ever !
just trying to use blogger
well i already have tumblr , twitter , facebook , formspring , looklet , polyvore etc
but this is my first time blogging from blogger
so yeah ! :D